Executive Insight


REED International Aerospace Group, LLC possesses real world, practical experience in strategically managing complex companies. Leveraging upon Mr. Reed’s extensive background, the company can effectively assess your current state and advise you on a strategic pathway to a new and successful future state. Recognizing that change is difficult and money is tight, REED International Aerospace Group, LLC can assist in providing new ideas and a fresh set of eyes that can influence change that will achieve results and take your company to the next level of success. REED International Aerospace Group, LLC’s goal is to assist your leadership team in value creation and enhanced competitiveness in the market.


The need for review and assessment of the cross functional areas of a company are complex, but essential. REED International Aerospace Group, LLC can provide a comprehensive review of departments, projects, customers, financials and human resources. All too often the management team is so close to the action that seeing opportunities is unclear. An observation by an outside, independent and neutral party can lead to successful course corrections that yield increased overall operating margins. REED International Aerospace Group, LLC can also provide executive and leadership coaching that is focused on creating the future out of the future. The company has excellent capability in leading motivational and team building events, leadership seminars and even management retreats.


The extensive background of REED International Aerospace Group, LLC includes all aspects of OEM and MRO customer support, service, sales and partnerships. The company’s global experience in commercial airline, general aviation and with virtually every major airplane and helicopter OEM company transcends both commercial and military/defense market sectors. The experience of REED International Aerospace Group, LLC in marketing and business development in global markets is substantial. As a result your leadership team can benefit from the experiences of REED International Aerospace Group, LLC in this critically important area of growth for your company.


The importance of efficiently executing in your company operations and delivering your products to your customers at the only acceptable rate of 100% ON-TIME is paramount. REED International Aerospace Group, LLC has a deep understanding of all of the elements of operations excellence. Because of Mr. Reed’s comprehensive background and experience, the company provides leadership value and insight to all critical functional areas in a company, including the following:

  • Manufacturing/Operations Excellence
  • Engineering
  • Product Design, Development and Qualification
  • Enterprise Safety and Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Global Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Contract Negotiations
  • Financial and P & L Management


REED International Aerospace Group, LLC possesses over 27 years of direct experience in supporting commercial and military operators with spares and repairs support. Knowledge and understanding of the market and operators is a core value in the leadership at REED International Aerospace Group, LLC. The company can assist in the setup and operations of a FAR Part 145 Repair Station, EASA compliance, and CAAC compliance. Because of Mr. Reed’s vast experience in dealing with customers and operators around the world, REED International Aerospace Group, LLC can provide invaluable benefit to your sales and business development, maximize your exposure to a very competitive industry, and provide insight into expanding your own capabilities.


REED International Aerospace Group, LLC has worked directly with and has deep knowledge of hundreds of worldwide suppliers in the aerospace commercial and defense industry. Selecting, managing and working day to day with suppliers is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in the industry. REED International Aerospace Group, LLC can support your team with insight and input into this complex world that is of critical importance to your own success. Given that all Buyers and Procurement leaders are saturated in the day-to-day hustle of getting parts delivered, there is little time left in the day to be strategic. REED International Aerospace Group, LLC can help by exploring with your team throughout the extensive network that Mr. Reed has personally developed in his experience and background.